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Below are a couple of custom art pieces I have had made.  The “Gondola Sunset” picture is currently hanging at Kalispell Regional Medical Center and is for sale.  Thirty percent of the proceeds go to Kalispell Regional Healthcare Foundation (406-751-6930).

The “Gondola Sunset” picture is printed on metal, locally hand-made in Bigfork, Montana.   The frame was custom welded and painted by a craftsman in Belgrade, Montana.  It is stunning!  The total dimensions of this piece are 27 1/2″ x 19 1/2″; $850.

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One of my favorite finishes is displayed in this image of “Flower Point” with the mountains of Glacier National Park in the background.   “Flower Point” was created on museum grade canvas, framed on two sides with beautiful, rustic barn wood.  This specific piece is 36″ x 14″.  It is currently hanging on my living room wall…because I LOVE it!

whitefish mountain resort, whitefish, montana, columbia falls, glacier national park, custom printing,, lindsay goudreau

I have many options for printing images, so if you’d like to see one of your images or mine on something more unique than a box store canvas, please let me know!


Remember that exciting news I mentioned not long ago?  Well, I’m finally ready to tell you all about it!

First of all, I’m retiring my pencil and paper scheduling technique, snail mail contracts/questionnaires and my dinosaur bookkeeping.  I’m getting too busy to keep up with the old process.  In order for me to provide all of you with better service and a more personal experience, you will soon (very soon) be able to pay online, sign a photo release or fill out a questionnaire from the comfort of your own home.  This enables me to spend less time creating and mailing documents and more time directly working with you on the planning and creation of your custom photo experience.

The next big announcement is a bit more complex.  For the past year, something has been bothering me….   Many of you, myself included, spend a good amount of money in having your photos taken and we get the digital images on a disc or via digital download.  What happens to these photos???  They ‘usually’ sit on your hard drive and are shared to social media.  We took the time to have photos taken and we have the digital files, so we can get them printed any old time, right?  Time passes and they never get printed.

I’m about to share a story with you… something I’m not proud of at all.  Last summer, I had some photos of my family on a disc and needed a print made in one-hour.  It had to be done that day and could not wait until tomorrow.  I had the disc for 2 years and I needed a print today!  Photo Video Plus (my preferred in-town printer) was about to close, so my only option, within a quick drive was Walgreen’s (huge SIGH….).  Yes, I know!!!!!  I scold all of my clients NOT to print at places like Walgreen’s (Costco, Target, Walmart, etc) and here I’m telling you I did.  You know what?  Life happens and I realize sometimes rules have to be broken, even my own.  So, I ordered my print and picked it up.  The colors in the print were horrible and not a good representation of the actual photo, but I expected that.  Long story short, when the project I helped my son with was over, we put this photo in an empty frame I had in our living room.  I’m not going to lie, after 2 months, the face of the photo was peeling off onto the inside glass of the frame, leaving grey patches all over our faces.  Most people realize the colors will be off at a consumer lab, but paper and print quality is very cheap as well.

I don’t want to put you into a position where you have to worry about taking the time to order prints; where to have them printed, waiting for them to upload or creating an account somewhere just to order photos.  Let’s face it, you have invested a lot of money into having your family photographed and I don’t want you to end up with a Walgreen’s quality print.  I have been falling short for years not providing my clients with better service.  I have been taking the photos, editing the photos and handing them over.  Basically, here are your photos, good luck!  …I want to do better than that.  You deserve better than that.

Over the past year, I have set up accounts and ordered test products with a few of my favorite printing companies, in which you have to be a photography business to be able to purchase product.  Within those companies, I have hand-picked my favorite print, album and wall art products best suited for both my business and you!  These are all items that you cannot buy at a consumer print lab.

From your photo session to the walls in your home, I will be your full-service photographer.  You will be proud to display my work in your home; a value I cannot provide to you by simply handing over your digital files. I will make sure your print, album or wall art reflects the image I created.  Imagine spending hours editing a photo session to see them printed in a completely different hue, contrast and completely over or under exposed.  I’ve seen it first hand and it’s always very disappointing.  I’m happy to show you a sample of what I mean when we meet to go over what products you might like to have.  I’ll have a print comparison with me from each of the local consumer labs and my print lab.  You’ll be truly amazed.

I’m very excited to work towards being the best, most friendly, hard-working and complete photographer for my clients.  If you would like help creating some beautiful photos for your home and a unique photo session experience, I’d love to help you!   ~Lindsay

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MARCH SPECIAL | Free 11×14 Canvas


March Special Lindsay Goudreau PhotographerI, like many of my clients receive my digital photos and they sit on my computer instead of being where I want them, up on my walls!  For this reason, during the month of March, anyone that books a session with me will receive a complimentary 11×14 gallery wrapped canvas print of their choice.  I want your beautiful photos hanging on your walls where you can enjoy them!


Black Friday Print Sale!

Have you been wanting to buy a print, but waiting for a great deal?  Well, this is your chance, for two days ONLY, Double Barrel Photography is offering 40% OFF prints out of the PRINT gallery on!  Fine art prints make great gifts!  Be sure to check out the metal prints (not to be mistaken by metallic paper).  The metal prints are printed on aluminum and are ready to hang for a very modern and vivid look, they are my favorite!

Happy Thanksgiving!


Photos with Santa Claus!

Don’t wait, schedule your photo session with Santa in the park! Saturday, December 7th Double Barrel Photography will be offering 10 and 15 minute photo sessions with Santa at Woodland Park in Kalispell. A little twist on your traditional Santa photos – allowing your family a longer time to visit with Santa himself in a relaxing environment and best yet, no lines to wait in! Don’t wait, schedule now!

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